During your sons Tenure as a scout, he will have many opportunities to earn various recognitions. In addition to Rank Advancements, a Cub Scout can earn badges and beltloops by completing adventures and attending scout activities. As Webelos, the boys will work on and earn achievements along their way to hopefully achieving the Arrow of Light, Cub Scouting’s highest Rank.


Please keep in mind that earning achievements is not a contest. It’s an opportunity for a boy to experience many levels of personal growth. Cub Scouting as you know should be FUN WITH A PURPOSE. Awards are designed to be both fun and educational. Lessons could include a skill, how to play a sport, an introduction to an academic topic, a lesson on citizenship, a life lesson and much more.


Most importantly, we teach our boys to set a goal and work towards achieving the goal: rewards are then attained for completing the goal. This in itself teaches them about life. As we all know in life, we must work hard to succeed. Completing a goal also means making your son responsible for carefully preparing all required documentation. Should you have questions concerning any of the recognition requirements please reach out to your Den Leadership. It is our hope that a boy achieves every one of his goals, along with your help and ours we are confident that he will. It is also our responsibility to make sure the experience is meaningful to him and that by doing it the right way he grows as an individual.