For those who are new to Scouting as well as those who need a quick refresher, the different levels of the Cub Scout experience are:

  • Bobcats – All new Cub Scouts regardless of when they join the program must earn the rank of Bobcat first. They must learn and be able to repeat by memory eight fundamentals of Cub Scouting including The Cub Scout Motto, Law of the Pack and Cub Scout Promise.


  • Tiger Cubs – First grade Cub Scouts - A less structured, beginning introduction to Cub Scouting. All activities are conducted with an adult partner.


  • Wolf - Second grade Cub Scouts.


  • Bear - Third grade Cub Scouts.


  • Webelos I – Fourth grade Cub Scouts.


  • Webelos II – Fifth grade Cub Scouts.


  • Arrow of Light – The highest rank a Cub Scout can achieve. A high level of dedication is required to fulfill the requirements for this honor.


  • There are Scout Handbooks for each rank (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos). The handbooks contain information about the various achievements and activities for each rank. Each Cub Scout should have his own handbook. Each parent is encouraged to familiarize themselves with the handbook. Please review the first section in each Cub Scout rank’s handbook that deals with Youth Protection.