Welcome to Pack 817!

First, I would like to thank you for joining the adventure into Cub Scouting! This welcome package will help answer many questions about Cub Scouting in general and Pack 817. The information will make you an informed Scout Parent and help your new Scout make the most of their experience. We have included a lot of useful information and I am confident that you will learn something new. Having each of you read this will also help to avoid confusion and reduce many of the questions you may have.

pack 817 image

The annual pack registration fee is $120 and covers January through December. The registration fee is inclusive of a $12.00 charge for a subscription to Boys Life Magazine. If your Scout starts later in the year, your registration fee will be pro-rated. All checks should be made to FUMC Pack 817. Please see the financials section of this packet for more details.

It is our goal to discount functions to scouts as much as possible this year. In order to achieve this we ask that you “DO YOUR BEST” and during our fundraiser in the fall.

Please get involved and help all of our scouts to Have Fun with a Purpose. As always, we will “Do Our Best” and expect the same from each of you and your Scout.


Yours in Scouting

Jeff Fyda Cubmaster

Dean Mooney Pack Committee Chair